The Night of Shadows| A Photo Essay | Tolu Daniel 

Last night, the lights from the skies—both artificial and terrestial—aligned in our favor and we made magic. I have always wondered about shadows, but never have I been able to document it in a photograph.

In the following pictures, I will introduce you to the many shapes of shadows we made last night and the beautiful conversations that happened while we were making them.

This reminds me of a popular assumption about how life is better shared with friends and family. Over and again, I find myself understanding the depth of this important statement. Not because I have not heard such statements before but perhaps because I have never examined the truth in them.

Last week, a friend told me about his work in progress—a novel—and the value of the kind of research he had expended on it and how he feels inadequate about some of the works he had done in the past. Between the long and shorts of what he was saying, I identified with the feeling he felt. I understood because constantly I find myself in the same dilemma.

But what I learnt from that encounter had nothing to do with his work or the despair he was expressing, it was his allowance to let himself go to the extent of vulnerability with me,  a stranger a lifetime ago. In those moments, I felt a kinship with him, one beyond the friendship we thought we had and said to myself, I don’t feel so lonely at this moment.

That was how it happened last night too with my friends, in conversations and bottles of booze, we laid the Isaac’s of our burdens on the table before us like it was an altar of sacrifice and communed. It was beautiful. 


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