The Night I Saw A Man fly| Tolu Daniel 

I have had a rough couple of weeks,  sorting myself through two scorpion bites and a strength draining bout with Malaria. In between those moments,  I have also been lucky to make journeys back and forth from Lagos to Abeokuta and learnt of the many things that we as people are doing to each other that dehumanizes us at every given moment. I have been duped and threatened with violence on more than one occasion. Also,  I have been left stranded in the middle of the road by a girlfriend  (now ex)  for reasons I will never know. And no,  I have not given up on humanity yet. 

One of such times is the night,  out on a date with a love interest, when behold, I saw a man flying, he was so high in the sky that I wonder if any other description would be apt enough to capture the moment. Like we both know,  man does not have the ability to fly and the heroics of Clark Kent in the movie Superman is more speculative than true. So this man,  drops to the ground, perhaps with the same speed with which he rose to the sky and hits the bonnet of a speeding land cruiser Jeep. As I like to tell this version of my story, the reason for his elevation must be from one of two. And the first being the fact that he must have been a car jacker on a bike attempting to threaten the owner of the vehicle who thereafter hit him and sent him flying. The other reason is random and it is the reason I have chosen to accept. That he was a random bike rider with a passenger (because there was a passenger) who were hit and left for dead by a drunk or crazy person. I chose this latter story because it is the easy thing do for me even though the latter events of that night  would point to the first story.

After the man clambered off the bonnet of the speeding vehicle which must have propelled him skyward in the first place,  two weird things happened. The obviously injured flying  man,  made an effort off the road and his passenger too leaving his motorcycle engine revving on the side of the road as the speeding land cruiser vanished without a pause. He, the flying injured man,  thereafter stood up,  albeit in an unsteady and unstable gait amidst shouts and noise by passersby and onlookers,  looks towards the broken body of his passenger on the other side of the road and walks to his bike and starts it and disappears into the night.

That event had me shook. I couldn’t man up or do anything after wards. Even my love interest laughed at me for being so shaken, I didn’t know how to explain what I was feeling to her. I was feeling so many things at the same time. And one of them was an urge to get on a motorcycle and run after the flying man to demand answers. But I was also thinking about the other man on the floor and the idiots gathering around him,  no one daring to touch him because no one wanted to take responsibility for him if they took him to an hospital.

That night,  as I saw my date off back to her house,  I thought about people, how overrated we were and wondered when we lost our compassion. I wondered about the young gentleman who eventually volunteered to take the injured man to the hospital,  I thought about how different his night had become. I thought about the screaming women who were dancing from one end of the road to the other but wouldn’t move to help the helpless person on the ground.

I also allowed my thoughts to take me beyond,  to a future where perhaps I would have my own children and how the world would treat them,  I wondered about those lessons we would teach them and if by then we would have deposited the remaining chunks of our humanity by some random roadside. 


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