The Dark Road to Calabar | Tolu Daniel 

Recently a nonfiction piece of mine with the above title was published on Bakwa Magazine, so I decided to share bits of it here with links to the original essay just below. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

It was dark. Everywhere was clothed in a sea of black, aside from the painful streak of blurry headlights that illuminated the road. Half of the people in our bus were either asleep or about to sleep. Three more hours and it would be twenty-four hours since we’d been on the road. My legs were heavy as though I’d sat bags of rice on them. My eyes were laden with sleep, but I dared not because I couldn’t trust the driver not to sleep off at the wheel and land us in a ditch or, worse, drive us to a different destination than we initially bargained for. Worst things have happened in this country of ours. The events of the day had changed my trust in people.

Read the rest of the essay by clicking on the link below 

The Dark Road to Calabar: A Travelogue


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